Our Values

In DUSA we share a sense of vocation for what we do. We put our passion in creating high quality products respecting the environment. We strive to work in collaboration with people to contribute to their well being and development. These values are all at the center of Canaïma Gin. 

Preserving a legacy

We seek to protect and preserve the environment and local communities, by dedicating 10% of our sales to support NGOs and networks of volunteers that strive to improve the quality of life for indigenous tribes, such as Saving the Amazon and Fundación Tierra Viva.

Fundación Tierra Viva is a Venezuelan non-profit organization that implements and promotes sustainable development projects to improve the quality of life of indigenous communities.

Saving The Amazon is a program that supports the indigenous communities of the Colombian Amazonia creating green businesses that provide work by sowing and caring for trees in the rainforest.



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